What's TapeXUM ?

TapeXUM is a USB device that can read and write to cassettes of Commodore 16/64/VIC-20 (read and write) and ZX Spectrum (read only) format. It requires a Commodore datasette connected to it. This project is based on ZoomTape by Arnd Menge, a great idea and originally a part of OpenCBM package. TapeXUM uses Arduino Pro Micro and through hole components so it's a DIY friendly design.
Huge thanks to Data/Tropyx for creating enclosure design for 3D printing!

TapeXUM in case

Changes in software (since ZoomTape)


Component qty
Arduino Pro Micro 5V 1
1/4W Resistor for LEDs (~1K, depending on your preference) 2
1/4W 1K Resistor 1
1/2W 1.5k Resistor 1
2N3904 Transistor 1
2SD880 or 2SD313 Transistor 1
3mm LED (i.e. green and red) 2
6V8 Zener diode 1
1N400x diode 1
1uF electrolytic capacitor 1
0.1uF electrolytic capacitor 1
Barrel jack DC connector 2.1/5.5mm or 2.5/5.5mm 1
1x3 pin header 2.54mm and a jumper 1
9VDC 500mA power supply with DC connector (center positive) 1
Micro USB cable 1


Windows 7/10 64-bit libraries and tools: https://github.com/r1me/TapeXUM/releases/download/1.0/xum-installer-x64.zip
Get PCB's from PCBWay: https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/TapeXUM___Capture_and_write_Commodore_tapes_via_USB_device.html
Gerber and Kicad files (hardware design): https://github.com/r1me/TapeXUM/tree/main/hardware
Firmware for Arduino Pro Micro: https://github.com/r1me/TapeXUM/tree/main/firmware
3D enclosure: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4659235
OpenCBM: https://github.com/r1me/OpenCBM

Programming Arduino

avrdude -p m32u4 -c avr109 -P comX -U flash:w:xum1541-PROMICRO_TAPE-v08.hex


TapeXUM follows same license for software as OpenCBM. PCB design of TapeXUM is free and shared under CERN OHW v2 (open hardware licence).

rime/Fancy Rats